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Cost Of A New Roof

A roof along with the entire outside structure needs to be kept in tip top condition. Any damage to either can cause significant cost and irreparable damage to your home. Making sure your roof is kept in good condition is vital to the longevity and durability of your home in the summer and winter months.

A roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it stops the water from entering the structure leading to rot, damage and worse. An old, worn roof can lead to extensive costs as it will require more and more minor repairs / patching. Eventually, every house needs  a new roof. Understanding when and why to replace your roof will play a big role in that decision.

When Do You Need A New Roof?

Generally speaking, re-roofing is done when the current roof is damaged beyond repair or the repair would be too costly.

Deciding Factors On Replacing A Roof

If your roof has one or more of these points, it’s time to consider getting a new roof installed.

  • It constantly gets new leaks that need fixing
  • Your roof is older than 20-25 years
  • Your shingles look curled or they’re losing granules (keep an eye out for dark patches as a sign of lost granules)
  • Your shingles are falling apart/missing near the roof valleys
  • There’s moisture or daylight coming through the roof board
  • There’s interior water damage or water stains on your ceilings or walls

The reasons to get a new roof?

  • There are many benefits to fitting a new roof on your property, including:
  • Having a weather-proof home
  • Increased property value
  • Re-roofing costs can be cheaper than constant roofing repairs
  • Modern roofs are more secure

How is a roof replaced?

Not all roofers follow the same steps but most professional roofing contractors follow the list in no particular order:

  • Erect the scaffolding to work safely on the roof
  • Remove the ridge tiles, slates and battens
  • Clean off the old rafters
  • Replace wall plates
  • Treat or replace the existing rafters if required
  • Install new membrane (Breathable)
  • Re-slate
  • Re-seat the ridge tiles

When the old tiles, slates and battens are removed, the underlying ridges or gables might be suffering from rot. Damage like this can only be seen from an initial roof inspection and it can be an urgent issue to fix. Old leaks or damaged underlay might have allowed water penetration and led to this type of damage.

After the new roof is fully installed, a complete inspection should be carried out to ensure everything is 100% as it should be. Insist as a home owner to be present during this and make sure you get a written guarantee for the new roof before any final payments are made.

Things That Can Influence the Cost Of A New Roof

  • Size of roof and materials. For example, natural stone slate roofs will cost more than manufactured tiles.
  • Waste removal
  • Labour costs (this can vary around the county and between roofing companies)
  • Company costs (will vary depending on location of work, particular vehicles etc)

How To Find A Roofer?

Here is a list of various places you can go to choose a roofer in your area. Make sure to individually vet your contractor and insist upon documentation including liability insurance, certification of new roof and length of guarantee. We recommend speaking to some previous customers as well.

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