How To Work On Your Roof Without Using The Driveway

Unlike in a Hollywood movie, most houses and residences do not have the sprawling driveway approach to the their home. Roofers use the term access to describe this and it generally makes the job easier, especially if you are having roofing materials delivered to your home. Of course, not every home can have great access to it. Some residences are in dense built up areas where they just do not have a driveway or if they do have one, the entrance point is too narrow for use.

This will make it tough for the suppliers to deliver the roofing products to your residence. So what you should you do for your material delivery when your home has no access? Here is some of our advice on getting materials on your property.

What to Do when Your Home Has No Access

Let’s talk about delivery trucks first. Roofing material companies usually have an array of trucks, flatbeds, conveyor belts and more to get roof tiles and shingles to the top of your roof. Unfortunately, this means nothing if there is no direct access to your home for these trucks. In this case, the materials will likely need to be set on the ground, also known as a ground drop.

If you know that your home has no access for delivery, it’s best to take care of that issue before the delivery truck arrives. Take a look around your property for areas that they can offload the materials safely for storing temporarily.

Hard standing areas such as concrete patios, block paved driveways, resin driveways and other solid surfaces are your best bet whilst soft standing areas such as lawns, yards and gravel should be lower on the list from due to the bulk and weight of the materials which can lead to surface damage.

Another pro tip is to lay down pallets or plywood first, ensuring the items are put directly on top of that instead of the driveway or patio area. This well help to stop any scuffing or damage to the surface. Not sure about your driveway surface? Either consult with the person that laid your driveway or find a reputable driveway company near you for advice on it. Here is one:

Abel Driveways LTD
1 Farnham Road, Guildford
Telephone: 01483 342767

Do not let the truck onto that driveway or hard standing surface unless you are 100% certain it has been built to withstand the weight of heavy goods vehicle! Also, remember the closer to the roof, the better, as the roofers will have to lift shingles / roof tiles up on a roof when there is no direct access to the roof via fork lift or crane.

We suggest meeting the suppliers when they deliver the roofing goods. From there you can give implicit instructions on where you want the materials and the material delivery crew can make sure they are also in a viable spot for future work. Your roofing contractor should be able to provide you information on when your roof tiles will be delivered.

Keep in mind that your roofing contractor and supplier might not be communicating directly which means it is important as a homeowner to go between them so everything is working smoothly. This is why it is always important to have the right company for the job. In Dublin, we recommend:

Roof Wise Dublin
2 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3
County Dublin
Telephone: 01 254 8329

Picking out a good spot, meeting the delivery crew and placing your roofing materials in a good spot is an easy way to avoid the headaches of a surprise ground drop on your front lawn. Talk with your roofing contractor beforehand about these situations to make sure your delivery goes off without a hitch.

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